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Davenport Aerospace offers a wide variety of airframe and engine inspections. 

Engine Borescope

Technical skill mixed with engine parts trading experience makes us the perfect organization to perform your engine borescope and QEC inventories. Our capabilities cross several platforms including: PT6, CFM56, V2500, PW4000, and more. We even perform inspections on all Continental and Lycoming piston engines!


We've got years of experience in airframe tear down and monetization. That's why we know exactly what to look for when inspecting your tear down candidate aircraft. We've got you covered with everything from verifying the OCCM to measuring brake wear. Let us help you find peace of mind in your model.

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We've all suffered from bad trace paperwork. Whether you need a pre-purchase records review, or you're looking to add value back into your current inventory, we can help. Our team has the necessary experience and industry contacts to assist you in completing the transaction.

Davenport Aerospace Group kindly accepts all major credit cards.